AC Repairs


Greenidge Refrigeration Services’ experience in the control of air conditioning systems allows us to provide a reliable repair service by returning your HVAC system to the most appropriate operating conditions. Because of Guyana’s hot and humid climate, AC repair is in high demand. Guyana’s relentless heat can place stress on your air conditioning. As a result, it works extra hard to cool your home during the harsh months. This added stress can often cause your unit to fail and in turn require repairs.
That’s when you call Greenidge Refrigeration Services for AC repairs because we know that getting your ac repair completed quickly is not a luxury, it is a necessity.


Technician Repairing AC system
Clogged Drain Line
Clogged AC air filter
Clogged Air Filter
Technician troubleshooting Condenser Unit
Bad Compressor or Condenser Fan Motor

Clogged Drain Line
A clogged drain pipe is the most common cause for AC problems. You’ll know the AC drain line is clogged if the drain pan is full of water. Flushing the drain line usually resolves this issue.

Low Refrigerant or Freon
Refrigerant, also known as Freon, is the substance or chemical that cools the air. When refrigerant falls below specified levels, it indicates a problem with the refrigerant system or a leak is responsible. Therefore, if an air conditioning system needs recharging, it generally signifies a leak. It’s important to know that a trained AC repair technician should find and repair all leaks before adding Freon.

Clogged Air Filter
An air filter that is coated with dirt and debris can inhibit flow in the air handler. Restricted air flow may cause the unit to overwork, which could result in more serious issues.

Dirty Coils Need Cleaning

Dirty AC coils can result in a frozen coil, which will halt your AC operation.

Bad Capacitor
If your unit doesn’t blow cold air or makes a humming noise, a bad capacitor could be at fault.

Bad Blower Motor
No airflow can be an indicator of a bad blower motor.

Bad Compressor
A lack of cold air or a noisy outside unit may indicate a faulty compressor.

Note : The above issues will require diagnosis and troubleshooting from a trained technician in order to determine repairs.


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