AC Maintenance


"Your home, including your Air Conditioning system, are some of the most expensive things you own."
Technician Servicing an Air Conditioning Unit
Because of this, it’s extremely important to keep both of them properly maintained. Instead of waiting until your system breaks, opt for regular air conditioning maintenance.

We offer regular maintenance service, and our staff is trained and equipped to keep your system running smoothly all year.

Your AC system requires regular adjustments to keep it running well. And as a complicated piece of equipment, there are some signs of repair that can only be recognized by an AC technician.

With proper maintenance, you can expect years of faithful service from your AC system, avoiding expensive repair costs in the process.

Plus, don’t worry about remembering! We send out regular mailers to remind you of when it’s time to have your system checked.


Your Air Conditioning System should be scheduled at least twice a year for preventative maintenance.
An AC condenser unit with dirt
A dirty AC evaporator unit


  • Checking that the thermostat is properly calibrated.
  • Checking electrical connections, including the voltage and current measurement of motors.
    * Loose and faulty electrical connections may create an unsafe condition and will reduce the lifespan of your AC system.
  • Lubricating each moving part to reduce friction, as friction can cause higher energy bills.
  • Inspecting the condensate valve on your cooling equipment  
    * A clogged drain can cause your property to suffer water damage
  • Checking all system controls while paying special attention to the start cycle, which controls the starting, operating and shutting off of the system.
  • Cleaning AC coils
    * Dirty coils, stress the system and waste electricity.
  • Adjusting blower parts to optimize airflow throughout the building
    * Improper airflow can cut your system’s efficiency by up to 15%...
A dusty AC evaporator unit
Evaporator Unit after maintenance

Problems You Can Prevent With Regular Maintenance :

Major Breakdowns
Minor Breakdowns
Low Coolant Levels
Clogged drains
Frozen Evaporator Coil
Poor Air Quality
Electricity Bill Expense
AC Unit Shortened Lifespan
Warranty Issues


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